Life Insurance




Plan ahead to help protect your family. Life insurance helps provide some financial security, so there’s a way to help your family cover medical bills, funeral costs, mortgage or rent, college tuition and many other living expenses. An Amezcua Insurance licensed agent can help you easily understand your options.

Amezcua Insurance offers a wide range of life insurance options. Among these are term life insurance, whole life, and universal life insurance. We are also now offering final expense insurance through Golden Memorial.

Term Life – Simple and affordable coverage for a period of time. This option is appropriate for short term coverage needs. Term life insurance is the most straightforward form of protection. You generally pay premiums on a monthly or annual basis and your family is protected for that “term.” Amezcua Insurance will offer a variety of affordable term life insurance products to fit your needs, time frame, and budget.

  • Help provide for a family’s loss of income
  • Cover short-term debts and needs
  • Provide additional insurance protection during the child-raising years
  • Provide longer term protection to help your family pay off a mortgage or to help pay for a college education

Whole Life – Lifetime coverage with access to cash value. This options is a good choice for life-long needs. Whole life insurance helps your family prepare for the unexpected. The death benefit can help replace a family’s loss of income, help with mortgage costs, or educational needs or to leave a legacy for the next generation. Over time, whole life policies build cash value that grows tax-deferred, and can be accessed during your lifetime.

Universal Life – Flexible coverage, flexible premium. This option offers permanent protection and flexibility. Universal Life Insurance premiums are paid into your policy’s account value (after a premium expense charge), where it earns interest. Every month, various deductions, such as a charge for insurance protection, are then made from the account value. You have the ability to take loans or make withdrawals from the account value for your personal needs. Loans accrue interest and unpaid loans plus interest and withdrawals will reduce the death benefit and cash value. The policy continues as long as the cash value is sufficient to cover the various deductions each month

Final Expense Insurance – This options is beneficial if you are looking to help your loved ones pay for the cost of funeral expenses. A final expense life insurance plan pays cash for funeral and other expenses anywhere in the world and is accepted by funeral directors everywhere. Your insurance coverage can include an accidental death benefit up to $100,000*. We know that accidents happen suddenly and unexpectedly. In the event of an accidental death, this amount would be paid to your beneficiary in addition to your final expense life insurance coverage.

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